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Children - Ages 0-16 Emotion Code Healing

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Emotion Code Healing for Children (Ages 0-16)

Embark on a transformative journey of emotional well-being and positive energy for the young ones with our Emotion Code Healing for Children. This personalized healing is meticulously crafted to address the unique needs of children aged 0-16, providing a refreshing and supportive experience.


Child-Focused Healing:

  • Ages 0-5: Nurturing Energy:

    • Address energetic imbalances in a gentle and nurturing way.
    • Promote a sense of calm, comfort, and well-being for the youngest ones.
    • Support their natural energy flow and development.
  • Ages 6-11: Playful Balance:

    • Identify and release energy imbalances in a playful and engaging manner.
    • Foster a balance between activity and relaxation for the energetic ones.
    • Support emotional well-being through creative and positive energy.
  • Ages 12-16: Empowerment Journey:

    • Tailor the healing journey to address the evolving needs of pre-teens and teenagers.
    • Promote emotional resilience, self-awareness, and positive energy.
    • Support the empowerment of their unique personalities.


Customization Options:

  • Age 16-18: On Request, Let's Chat:

    • For teenagers aged 16-18, customization options can be discussed to meet their specific needs.
    • A personalized approach to address their concerns and promote well-being.
  • Specific Reasons:

    • Customize the healing for 1 or 2 specific reasons, addressing particular challenges or concerns.
    • Tailor the energy clearing to meet the child's unique requirements.
  • General Refresh:

    • Provide a general refresh to clear their energy, promoting a positive and vibrant state.
    • Ideal for maintaining overall well-being and energetic balance.

Who Is This For:

Parents seeking a personalized and age-appropriate healing experience for their children aged 0-16, with customization options available for older teenagers.

Receive a detailed healing report, gaining insights into the identification and release of energy imbalances, promoting a harmonious and positive energy flow for the young ones.

Please note that the healing report reflects the child's energy state at the time of completion, recognizing that energy is in constant flux.



Booking Process: 

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  4. Get Ready for Your Session: Once booked, trust that your order is received by Ray and will be delivered to you in Divine timing.


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