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Mother Wound - Quantum Healing

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The Mother Wound refers to the pain and emotional scars that are passed down through generations of women in patriarchal cultures. It encompasses the deep-rooted wounds and dysfunctional coping mechanisms that arise from the cultural and societal expectations imposed on women.

The Mother Wound reflects the intergenerational patterns of conditioning, self-worth issues, relationship challenges, and unresolved trauma that women may experience. Healing the Mother Wound involves acknowledging and addressing these inherited wounds, releasing limiting beliefs, and nurturing self-love and empowerment.

By healing the Mother Wound, individuals can break free from generational patterns, embrace their true essence, and create a new narrative for themselves and future generations.


The Mother Wound Healing:

Let Ray take you on a profound healing journey to release the pain and trauma of the Mother Wound. It's time to heal the ancestral wounds that have been passed down through generations of women.

This powerful healing is designed for anyone seeking to address the deep-seated pain and dysfunctional coping mechanisms associated with the Mother Wound.

By clearing the womb and healing the Mother Wound, you can create a positive ripple effect for yourself and future generations.


Who this Healing is for:

🌸 Females of all ages and backgrounds
👩‍👧 Individuals longing to heal their relationship with their mother or maternal figures
🌺 Anyone seeking to break free from the patterns of the Mother Wound and create a new legacy


Explanation of Instant Healing and How it Works:

✨ During the booking process, you have the opportunity to add your personalized healing intention. This allows the healing energy to be directed towards your specific needs and desires.

✨ Instant healings involve the convergence of energy, intention, and the divine intelligence of the universe in the quantum realm. They offer a rapid and focused approach to address your healing needs.

✨ Trust that your intention is received and understood by the universal forces working to facilitate your healing. While the exact mechanism of how your intention is fulfilled may not be fully comprehensible, have faith that the universe acknowledges and responds to your intention in a way that aligns with your highest good.


Summary of what you get in this "Instant" Healing:

💫 Quantum healing to address your Mother Wound
🌸 Release of ancestral wounds and dysfunctional coping mechanisms
🌺 Healing of the womb and restoration of feminine energy
🌟 Break free from the patterns of the Mother Wound for yourself and future generations
📄 Automatic downloadable healing resource (Personalized healing available upon request, enquire for cost)



Booking Process: 

  1. Choose your journey: Want your item faster? You can purchase an Express Upgrade or Priority upgrade. 
  2. Personalize Your Experience: Complete your shop order form to tailor your session to your preferences.
  3. Learn More: Check out Ray's Guides Read FAQ's here, and Read Policies here.
  4. Get Ready for Your Session: Once booked, trust that your order is received by Ray and will be delivered to you in Divine timing.


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